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North Sea Weather Ferry Weather. Wind speed and wave height forecasts for North Sea Ferry crossings.
Wind Speed & Direction at both the 10 and 50 metre levels with gusts.
Wave Heights including significant & maximum wave heights swell heights and direction & wave periods.
Route Forecasts Wind and wave heights time cross-section from port of departure to port of arrival. Conditions are for offshore, and will be much modified in sheltered waters .
Forecasts updated every 6 hours.
North Sea Ferry Weather

Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry Weather Conditions (wind speeds and wave heights)

Enjoy your ferry crossing to Amsterdam with accurate wind and sea conditions for your overnight trip from Newcastle. Our graphical forecast allows you to see at a glance the strength of the wind and the heights of the seas up to 5 days in advance of sailing. The wind strength and direction along with wave heights and the height and direction of the sea and any swell have a direct influence on the degree of comfort you experience.

  • Wind speeds for both 10 metres and 50 metres above the sea.
  • Wind directions from the SE-S and W-NW will allow a high comfort factor. While winds from the E-NE will be less comfortable.
  • Sea heights are refered to as significant (Sig) or Maximum (Max). The significant wave is best described as the average wave height.
  • The direction of the wind waves and any swell are also very important, with the heighest comfort factor achieved with waves from the S through west to the NW. The lowest comfort factor resulting in waves from the E to the N
  • The frequence or period of the waves, is the number of seconds between wave crests. Short periods below 6-8 seconds will achieve the least vessel movement, while longer periods of around 10-13 seconds will result in increased vessel movements resulting in increased heave and roll depending on the wave direction.
  • Forecasts are updated 4 times daily and available up to 5 days in advance of sailing.
  • Get Forecast for Route Newcastle to Amsterdam

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