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Over 200 Area Forecasts covering the North Sea and NW and SW Approaches are updated every 6 hours 365 days a year and cover a forecast period of 7 Days. Our Forecast Format is designed primarily for North Sea Offshore Oil Operators, with 10M & 50M wind values plus gusts and Significant & maximum wave heights including sea and swell components. Forecasts are produced in both Graphical and Tabular Formats with supporting Surface Pressure Charts.

The Graphical Forecast Format plots the winds speed and sea heights every 3 hours over the seven day period, and instantly allows the user to highlight the significant changes in weather conditions. The Tabular Forecast Format allows the user to print and save with all the 3'hrly wind and wave values for the seven day period. Both formats are available as part of the subscription service. A pdf format Surface Chart can be saved and printed, showing wind strengths, precipitation and 4mb Isobars.

NorthSeaWeather Demo Site

NEW - Test drive the site to see just much your offshore operations will benefit from having unrestricted access to area forecasts across the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea. Also the offshore drilling areas off Brazil, Angola and Nigeria. The English Channel Celtic Sea and sea areas west of Scotland and Ireland.

Follow the Help Link for a detailed explanation of how to navigate around the forecast areas. If you have any questions please let us know.

NorthSeaWeather Demo Site


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