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7 Day Access:

The ideal solution for planning a sailing trip to sensitive offshore operations anywhere across the North Sea. For a full 7 days you will have access to all our area forecasts across the North Sea. Each area being approx 60 x 67 miles.  In 3 hourly time steps extending to seven days, these graphical forecasts are a must for planning any weather related offshore activity. The forecasts are updated every six hours, allowing you to view download and print 4 forecast runs a day for the most upto date information available. For instant access and secure credit card payment, Buy 7 Access.


7 days access to detailed wind & Wave Forecasts



 Tabular Forecast with winds at 10 & 50 metres. Significant & Max wave heights. Wind Wave & Swell periods 



 Surface Charts - 2 x A4 pdf format surface charts. Animated surface charts for 7 days at 3'hrly intervals.

 Area Forecast coverage across the North Sea. Grid are of approx 60nm by 67nm. Forecasts are for open waters.        

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